Monday, February 28, 2011

Enterprising Journalist Takes One For the Team, Downs a Shot of Breast Milk

Aw, dude.

You know you're supposed to make ice cream out of that, right?

Only seasoned veterans actually drink the stuff - and they prefer it straight from the tap.
Breast milk is sickly sweet and stays on the back of your throat for hours. I am aware of this knowledge because I just drank some.

I’ll get to the why in a moment, but first, the results: It smelled like nothing. Taking a whiff of it was like taking a whiff of air. So far, so good. Then I took a healthy gulp. It had the consistency of thick-ish sugar water, with maybe a hint of vanilla, something almost caramel-like. It was, in a word, good.

But like many rich foods, a little bit is sometimes even too much. My palate rejected it within moments, and I couldn’t get the taste and sensation of it out of my gullet.
I definitely see a Pulitzer in this guy's future.

Via the Trentonian.


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rob.granger said...

Maybe he should have tried it fresh from the tap? Now that would have been journalism!