Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"I Don't Understand That Math"

Need more proof that the Obama Administration thinks we're all suckers? Today, new White House Spokes-Tool Jay Carney basically tried to convince ABC's Jake Tapper that 2 + 2 = 3.

Well, I'm sure he would have done that had he even attempted to answer Tapper's brilliantly devastating question:
"If I borrow money from you to pay off the interest for the debt I owe to Geoff, am I not adding to my debt? ... The president seems to think that that borrowing money to pay the interest on the debt is not adding to the debt. I don't understand that math."
Unfortunately, Carney thought Tapper asked him to recite random White House budget talking points and explain what Bush's role is in all this.

Oh well, it was really more of a rhetorical question anyway.

Be sure to watch to the end. The expression on Tapper's face says it all.

Hey, maybe this guy can pinch-hit for Carney sometime.


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Datou said...

How on Earth can these people sit there day after day listening to what is so clearly lies, obsfucation and double-talk?  I would blow my brains out after a few days.