Friday, February 18, 2011

Juanita Broaddrick Was Unavailable for Comment

So Hillary Clinton had made violence against women one of her top priorities? Really?
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton -- incensed by the mob sex attack on "60 Minutes" star Lara Logan in Cairo's main square -- has personally turned up the heat on the Egyptian government to bring the brutes to justice.

Clinton has dispatched diplomats to Egypt, said a State Department spokesman, who described his boss as "very concerned" over the sustained beating and sexual assault in Tahrir Square by a mob shouting, "Jew, Jew" at the foreign correspondent.

"I know the secretary is obviously aware of the case and very concerned by it," said State Department spokesman Mark Toner, calling the situation "paramount" to Clinton and referring to the attack as a "horrific incident."

Clinton has made violence against women worldwide a top policy issue as secretary of state.
That's strange. Back in 1999 she was silent when a brave woman came forward to tell her story of being brutally attacked. By a guy named Bill Clinton. Of course back then it was simply dismissed as some right-wing fabrication.

Oh well, it seems Mrs. Clinton would rather talk about anything to distract people from yet more indictments of her fundraisers. It's amazing how many of her cronies wind up in prison.

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