Monday, February 21, 2011

The Shame of Wisconsin Teachers: State's Black Fourth-graders Post Worst Reading Scores in U.S.

Funny how the whining teachers aren't touting this news during their temper tantrum in Madison.
Reading scores for Wisconsin's African-American fourth-graders trail those of their racial peers in every other state and the District of Columbia, according to a national government report that delivered dire news Wednesday about how Wisconsin prepares its students.

Further, fourth-graders as a whole in Wisconsin are losing ground in reading while other states make gains, as measured by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the nation's report card. Only 33% of the state's fourth-graders scored at a level considered proficient or advanced by the test; the rest scored at a basic level or lower.
And for these abysmal results they expect to be rewarded in perpetuity. Seems to me most of them should be fired. If they produced results like this in the private sector they'd have been out of work long ago.

Not only are they failing black children, those looking forward to college haven't got much to fall back on either.

The parents of the kids who can't read must be so grateful to see the incompetent teachers shutting down schools for days so they can protest.


uncledan said...

Can someone explain why in the comments now, instead of a comment, people are posting a twitter headline that is the exact same thing as the original title of what we're reading. Then when you click on it you go to a page that takes you to a link that takes you back to here again. What's the point of this?
Example: JWF puts up an article with the title "Obama screws us all again"

I click on the comments and instead of a comment, I see a bunch of people who have posted twitter titles with "Jammie Wearing Fool: Obama Screws Us All Again".

You click on that, it takes you to a page that has a link back to this page. So I've gone around in a circle. What's the point of this?

Just A Grunt said...

According to the latest data I could find which is from 2002 they also rank 50 out of 50 in graduation rate for African Americans.

rich b said...

I've been wondering the same thing myself. To tell you the truth the comment section war great about a year ago and now...

rich b said...

<span>I've been wondering the same thing myself uncledan. To tell you the truth, the comment section ain't what it used to be. The one Jammie was using about a year or so back was great. This one... Ugggh.