Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Democrats Now Raffling Off Chance to Meet Obama

At the rate they're going, they'll have to pay people to show up and have their photo taken with the boob.
Just wanted to make sure you saw Leader Pelosi’s message about your chance to meet President Obama on March 8th.

If you’re chosen as our lucky winner, not only will you get the chance to meet the President, but you’ll get to have your picture taken with him too.

Contribute $5 or more today and you will be automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to Boston (airfare and hotel included). If you win, you and a friend will attend a dinner with President Obama on March 8th and get your picture taken with him.

Help us show continued grassroots strength for President Obama’s agenda. If you’re our lucky winner, you’ll get to meet the President and get your picture taken with him to keep for all time.


Robby Mook
DCCC Executive Director
Gee, we can keep that Obama photo for all time? Where do I sign up?


msspurlock said...

I'd wear my "I'm With Stupid" shirt.

srdem65 said...

Selling raffle tickets to see the POTUS, the leader of the free world, our Commander in Chief, ........I don't believe it.
That is beyond wrong it's shameful desperation.

aquila6 said...

Anyone surprised that the director of the DCCC is a mook?

Also: Don't forget that they're gonna report the value of your trip to the IRS, so you can pay taxes on it.

Trevor Johansen said...

5 bucks is cheap. They must be down on their luck looking for any cash. Can one enter from a non traceable visa gift card.

rich b said...

When it comes to raffles, I'd rather gamble/waste my five bucks on a cake or a couple of quick picks. Piss on Omama.

FrankG said...

2nd prize is two trips to meet Obama. 3rd prize - you also get to have dinner and dessert with Michelle