Monday, February 21, 2011

Surreal: Charles Rangel Now Offering Tax Tips to Constituents

Let's look at the upside. He can at least demonstrate how to avoid prison while piling up multiple tax violations. It's a wonder he doesn't team up with Al Sharpton to help dispense the handy tips facing the citizens come tax time. One can only assume he's advising his voters how to avoid paying taxes.
Rep. Charlie Rangel isn't backing down from anything after his censure by the House last year -- including offering tax advice.

Among the ethics violations for which the Harlem Democrat was punished by his colleagues just before Christmas was failing to pay taxes on his DominIcan villa. But Rangel nevertheless just emailed his latest "Rangel Report" featuring tax advice for constituents.

"On its face, Charlie Rangel giving tax advice is more than just ironic, it's surreal," said Baruch College politics maven Doug Muzzio.

"On the other hand, Charle Rangel knows the tax law, his constituents need tax advice and he can provide it," Muzzio added. "It’s a service for his constituents."

Rangel's spokesman declined to comment on the mailing, except to note that he does it every year.

Rangel had to pay some $2 million in legal fees to fight the ethics charges against him, and was forced to give up his chairmanship of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.

In the tax case, he failed to declare income from his Dominican villa, and had to pay about $10, 000 in penalties and back taxes.

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kid funkadelic said...

Shame on Charlie Rangel for fighting on Hamberger Hill in Korea while Marion "Pat" Robertson  stayed in "the rear" getting drunk and having sex.  Pat's daddy was a Senator that invented something called "the southern stragety". Pat later on dealed with dictators like Charles Taylor of Liberia and Joseph Mobutu of Zaire. He worked with their blood diamonds. Pat works with the right to spread lies and win elections. He called the POTUS, "the anti-Christ". Charles Rangel has more class and honesty than Pat Robertson.