Monday, February 21, 2011

Warm-onger John Kerry Calls Junk Science Nonbelievers 'Neanderthals'

So a constituent of John Kerry demands an apology from the tax-dodging oaf and what does he do? Doubles down on stupid and call everyone who doesn't buy his junk science theories neanderthals.
U.S. Sen. John Kerry encountered a loud and often angry crowd during a town hall meeting at the Northampton Center for the Arts on Saturday, as area residents grilled him about his support for the war in Afghanistan, federal spending and the federal government’s response to the recession.

Anti-war protesters interrupted the Democrat on numerous occasions, yelling and calling on him to explain his support for funding the war in Afghanistan.

And in what might have might been the most bizarre exchange of the two-hour gathering, Kerry apologized to one woman who claimed he had called her a Neanderthal for not believing in global warming.

Kerry said he was referring generally to those who do not believe in the science of global warming and not the one woman in particular.
Thanks for clearing that up. So nice that we have such esteemed people in our senate.
"The biggest fight we have on the environment right now in Washington is not going forward, it is preventing these Neanderthals, troglodytes, whatever you call them, from going backward - preventing them from attacking the EPA, preventing the EPA from doing anything about clean air for the next few years," Kerry said.

"I think we have to build up the same kind of grassroots energy and movement that we had in 1970 when we passed the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, the Safe Water Drinking Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act," he continued. "... There is a price to pay for not moving forward to protect the planet."
We? Uh, Lurch, you were busy trashing your own government back in 1970, so how is it we?

More on John Thurston Kerry III from Doug Powers.


Abdul said... so brain dead and out to lunch as only a privileged ass like him can even breathe the air. A pompous ass that we could well do without. Wonder how Theresa is fond of a Viagra polluted 60's loon like him?

Thomas Griffith said...

Bunga, bunga!

pat said...

Kerry really is a dolt. The pretense that he is an individual of serious thought went away at the first debate. He and his wife  distribute utter nonsense as if it were ketchup. But they charge dearly for the same, while dispensing nonsense as if it were free. But it is not. A fool contaminates all around him who do not recognoze the contagion.

Nosmo King said...

You calling me a Neanderthal?......Horseface

rich b said...


There you go again demorats. Whenever someone doesn't follow lockstep behind them they end up being called redneck, nazi, neanderthal, flat-earthers, hitler. caveman, blah blah blah. How the hell these fuckers ever get through a debate without using the above names to insult people is news to me. And did it ever occur to you that AGW people might just be wrong?

Folks can disagree with each other without being insulted to high Heaven. Then again, it's the democrapic party way. We're seeing a wonderful example of democrapic party politics from the teachers and union goons in Wisconsin right now.

Steve Baum said...

Ya gotta love John Kerry.  He's such a funny man.

Obama! Obama! said...

Lurch is an elite twit with a c average.   Let's face it.  If he wasn't connected to the Kennedy's and married the Heinz widow, he would be serving fries at McDonalds.

Thanks a lot Taxachuttes.

Jude OConnor said...

John has completed a 180 degrees from 1970 that keeps his yacht in Rhode Island to escape the tax on it in Massachusetts. The doctor who treated his war wound stated, "yes I treated him, with a band aid", that got his self promoted purple heart. This man is an empty suite, always was and always will be.

Hal Mcc said...

The big blue sperm is calling Roy Spencer a troglodyte.  What a world.

JoeAstroturf said...

At least the great<span>  </span>Swift Boat Vets prevented old coward Kerry from being President. He'll probably get some bandaids named after him for scratching himself 3 times for his purple hearts.

Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at<span>  </span>

Here’s a verse

Britain will have company as they ration mammograms and cortisone
The U.S. is now joining them<span>  </span>so they won’t be<span>  </span>alone
Bill Ayers his hero and Jarrets slum lord bets
Mine our Gerald Walpin , Private Long and the Swift Boat vets
I know him and his czars think this songs<span>  </span>not balanced and fare
We<span>  </span>just<span>  </span>want nothing to do with that trainwreck<span>  </span>Obamacare

Soldiers as you and your wife leave your last trace
at least you won’t have to see Nancys botox face
that chicken neck of hers wouldn’t look good on a snail
her and a few of her pals in 2012 wil be in jail

Gregory Kasper said...

Pray J. Kerry out with Psalms Chapter 109.

Ken Steel said...

Eliminate the EPA (Environmental Politburo of America)

Seacop said...

Hey John,

Please call me a neanderthal to my face and watch what happens you dolt.  You have been my motivation to get into politics because If someone as stupid and mindless as you can do it then I blame myself for not getting involved when I was ten years old just to make it fair.  What an idiot this guy is.