Thursday, February 24, 2011

Revealed: Palin's Silent Marriage; Special Added Bonus: Bogus Photo from 2008

The folks at the Daily Mail may be the last on earth to find out this photo is bogus.


They breathlessly report gossip, and run a Photoshopped image that was quickly exposed as a fake in 2008. Hard-hitting stuff, folks. If they can't get something so basic right, why should anyone buy the gossip they're pushing?


rich b said...

I guess it's pretty easy to fool a fool.

I do my own phtoshopping all the time and the Sarah picture was exposed to be a fraud. There was also one of Michelle Malkin in a skimpy bikini making the rounds a couple of years ago that was equally bogus. One of the best one's I have ever seen is the Rosie O'donnell face imposed onto Kalhid Sheik Mohammad below.

It doesn't take a genious to do this kind of image editing. But it takes a dumbass to believe them. These dumbasses never seem to learn.

rich b said...

P.S. - Real Sarah Palin photos already exist that show what a good looking woman she actually is. A fake picture isn't required to show off her beauty.

Toejam said...

Here's one of my favorite sarah palin photoshopped photographs!