Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hero of Fallujah Ready To Try Again

David Bellavia, former US Army infantryman, author, hero and someone with one heck of a quick wit is going to give it another try in the political arena by running for the vacant house seat in the New York 26th congressional district. You know the one vacated by that idiot who decided to act like a teenager and send topless pictures of himself to some admirers.

This ain't David's first try. He tried earlier and while he posted a good showing in the primaries a lack of funds and unbelievably name recognition as well not getting the support of the Republican politicos in New York, you know the group that brought you Debbie Scoffavaza or whatever, he wasn't able to prevail. The Republicans of course are not real anxious to see him running again since of course they have their handpicked crony that they want to run. David is assuring folks however that with or without the Republicans blessings that he is going to run.

So here is a challenge for all of you Independent minded or self identified folks. Are you only Independent when the pollsters call or are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?

It would be really awesome to see this former NCO paired up with the former officer Allen West who is certainly sending a message.

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