Friday, February 18, 2011

Dems Taking a Beating On the House Floor Today

Follow @JamieDupree on Twitter for all the votes but so far here is the list of amendments voted on and their outcome.

House approves second amendment to limit use of federal funds to implement Obama health law; vote was 241-187

House votes to block funds within HHS from being used to implement the Obama health law; vote was 239-187

House votes 249-177 to block the EPA from enforcing rules against six pollutants that cause global warming

House votes to block federal funds from going to Planned Parenthood and its affiliates; vote was 240-185

House blocks funds to implement Education Department's "Gainful Employment" regulations; vote was 289-136

Unlike the Nancy Pelosi led congress the John Boehner led House is actually allowing the Democrats to propose amendments and voting on them. Judging by the vote totals I would say more then a few Democrats are voting both ways depending on the amendment. Something Nancy and the Dems would never allow and for exhibit A look no further then the shenanigans in Wisconsin where the Democrat state senators have fled across state lines to avoid voting on the budget.


uncledan said...

Great post, JWF! What we're not being told by the JournOList media regarding these votes are that Boehner is indeed in control of the Republican votes and that Pelosi has lost control of many of her Democrats. Over at The Hill, they can't write enough articles about how Boehner has lost control of the Republicans, etc.

FrankG said...

they also killed funding for the UN IPCC (Climate hoaxers)