Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Actual CNN Headline: 'Wingnut Debt Ceiling Demands'

So nice to see CNN using pejoratives in their headlines now. CNN: The most busted name in news.

After that embarrassing debate they staged last night, CNN might want to just call it a day.

H/T Rob Port.

While we can't say if the writer is the one responsible for the offending headline, she's already known to be quite biased. She's known to really hate it if people have too much money.

Update: CNN has scrubbed the headline, replacing Wingnut with Goofy. Probably not long after Rush Limbaugh mentioned it. What's the point? There are already dozens of sites with the original screen-grab. The time of the post now reads 2:18 pm, but doesn't note it was updated. Very weak.


Reaganite Republican said...

What was up with the goofy novelty questions?

Karl Magnus said...

Class act, aint they?  :-E
Say, isn't CNN located in the region where people live in trailers and have cars up on cinder blocks in their front yards? Ya, I thawt so. Their peeps be proud tho!


Ron Coleman said...

The whole thing is just so unfair to us actual wingnuts!