Sunday, June 19, 2011

Comedy Gold: Cenk Uygur's May 31 Take on Weinergate

I cannot believe this guy actually draws a paycheck from MSNBC.

What a tool.

h/t: Sharp Elbows.



aquila6 said...

What a douche.

Or as they spell it in Turkey, düsh.

Netwatcher said...

I'm shocked that MSNBC would have such poor "talent" on their prestigious network of record.

uncledan said...

This is cringeworthy video watching Cenk Uyghur dig himself deeper and deeper into the stupid hole.
Head, meet ass.

John Scotus said...

Classic reporting from MSNBC--the facts-optional zone.

lummox said...

More people have commented here, below, than actually saw the broadcast when it was shown. Such is MBSNBC.