Monday, June 20, 2011

Deranged Think Progress Loons: GOP Got Rid of Weiner to Protect Clarence Thomas or Something

The angry, racist left is on a jihad against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and are getting nuttier by the day. There lunatics seem to believe that Anthony Weiner was jettisoned at the behest of Thomas, not for tweeting his junk for all the world to see. Indeed, Weiner was obsessed with Thomas, as the left has been for over 20 years. But they're just getting carried away with themselves. The comments at their latest hit piece are comedy gold.

Such as:
One reason they went after Anthony Weiner so hard. He was going after Thomas hard, and his ignorance left those Repubs laughing all the way to the bank. He was one of the few who had the balls to take someone like Thomas on. No other Democrats have the balls to take this crook on, so we are just stuck.
Um, nobody in the GOP "went after" Weiner. He brought himself down and was forced out by his own party. How can anyone remember history when they can't remember last week? Literacy clearly isn't a strong suit at the liberal asylum:
I disagree Toni, the repigs are digging their grave//they will oppress the working class and the poor to make this country only for the 1% wealthy,do u comprehend what that means? unless your wealthy your in the ditch!!
Here's another Mensa candidate:
Is anyone going to do anything about it? No one made Vitter or Ensign resign...
Does she even realize John Ensign is no longer in the Senate? As to their pathetic obsession with David Vitter, the people of Louisiana overwhelmingly re-elected him last fall. Meanwhile, we're back to the nefarious "they" who made Weiner resign:
We, not only Democrats and progressives, but all the 'we's" out here are obliged to protect the rule of law and insist that our elected officials do their jobs. If we don't insist on it, it won't get done. If the Republicans can force Anthony Weiner to resign for legal behavior, what are the rest of us afraid of? Being aggressive? It's about time.
Seriously, what planet do these people live on? We close with this burst of pseudo-intellectualism. Nothing like thrown big words around without having the slightest clue what you're talking about.
Too often is resignation the remedy sought for the criminal behavior by the elites, either servants or officers of the government. A voluntary choice without legal repercussion. These criminals need to be held to account. Oh, but that simple task is beyond the means or willingness of our system of justice, as we are now most cognizant of the two tiered system of justice in this nation. Justice Thomas will continue to serve his masters without any reprimand. This is the age of oligarchic corporatism, plutocracy painted as democracy, we shouldn't expect anything more.
His masters? So what, he's a slave or something?

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Aaron Worthing said...

btw, your lables are redundant...  why do you need to specifically indicate that a think progress piece is stupid.  isn't it kind of implied.  its like saying the sun is hot...