Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great News: You Can Win Dinner With Obama

Give Obama money now, maybe win a dinner with him later. First prize is a special night with Obama at a dinner for four.

Second prize is two nights with Obama. I'd suggest he's debasing the office, but he's already done plenty of that.
So we got this e-mail from Barack Obama and were excited by the subject line: "Dinner?"

Alas, the president did not invite us over for some fine cuisine -- though he is giving that chance to four political donors who win a drawing.

"If you make a donation today, you'll be automatically entered for a chance to be one of the four supporters to sit down with me for dinner," Obama writes in the e-mail. "Please donate $5 or more today."

The contest is titled "Dinner With Barack."

The dinner -- and a flight to Washington or wherever the president is -- will be paid for, Obama tells supporters.

"All you need to bring is your story and your ideas about how we can continue to make this a better country for all Americans," Obama said.

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