Thursday, June 30, 2011

White House Raps MSNBC on the Knuckles for Halperin's "Dick" Comment

Talk about thin-skinned. An MSNBC commentator makes a completely accurate albeit crude comment about Barack Obama, and the President responds by having his press secretary call the network to express displeasure.

What country are we living in here - Cuba?

Via Breitbart.



JT said...

.. had this been any Republican president, MSNBC would have given them a raise and it would have been made into a song to play as media ringtones.

uncledan said...

Even better, the Left call Palin every name in the book and then go apoplectic if she so much as mentions it. We've known for years how thin-skinned Obama is. Remember way back in the first few days of his Presidency when he got in the reporter's face for saying something he didn't like?

Reaganite Republican said...

Cuba a FAR less dangerous regime than the Obammunists

Mike Florey said...

Carney: "You've hurt the president's feelings. I want you to beat up that naughty Halperin fellow. He was mean and stuff. The president has locked himself in the Lincoln bedroom and won't come out until you apologize. Nicely."