Friday, June 24, 2011

Caught on Camera: Garofalo and Olbermann Hold Private Conversation on Tea Party "Racism"

Wait, you mean this was actually on television?

Who knew?

Brace yourself, because this is one of the most imbecilic, untethered discussions on the tea party you're ever going to hear. My head is still throbbing from watching it. Must be my limbic brain taking over, or something.


pat said...

Crazy and stupid. X2. lol. Sweet.
And don't you love the way they seek each other out after the collpase of their respective carreers.
Like no one noticed they are losers.

billypaintbrush said...

Jeannine sure has a fixation on racism, but its the other side that is projecting.  Sorry, but the Clintons made projection an art and that stuff has been exposed and is now passe.

Is Keith so giggly because he is just happy to have a studio, and a job?

Liberals, the smartest (and only) people in the room.  

srdem65 said...

So, if I call White people "racist", doesn't that make me a "racist"?

Blue Collar Todd said...

Um, what's with the phalic symbol behind Olbermann's head?

NeoKong said...

The way she kept scratching her head I thought Olbermann was gonna' start grooming her head for lice.

I hope someone informs Ms. Garofalo that today's pharmacies and super markets offer many many hair care products that are actually quite easy to use.
Lather ,rinse, repeat.
It ain't hard.

Ace Freely said...

What do they have like three viewers? Two dirty pot heads and a teenage shank with a yeast infection?

southernsue said...

who cares what these two blow hearts think. after 2012 they can crawl back under their rocks.

one other thing, quit making them relevent by posting their crap. i don't watch their bs on tv and i wish i could go on my favorite web sites without seeing these truly ridiculous people.

Lady Liberty said...

She is pulling this stuff right out of her ass and has no problem presenting it as fact.

Hey Janeane, the Tea Party exists because of Obama's policies, not because of his skin color. The reason there would be no Tea Party under McCain is because he would not be taxing and regulating the Hell out of this country and trying to stamp out the Free Market.

I always heard that line 'Liberalism is a disease' and laughed thinking it was a joke... Until Now.

Lady Liberty said...

She does and she has no clue what it really means. Someone told her at some point she was smart and she believed them.

RamblingMother said...

They really believe this.  Wasn't it a black person that did show up and was edited out by either msnbc or cnn to only show the weapon at one of the tea party rallies?