Monday, June 20, 2011

Mystery Bulge in Weiner's Tax Return

Um, I thought this clown was supposed to be in rehab? How long did that last, four days? Was he in rehab at all (I doubt it). Anyway, the disgraced Anthony Weiner may soon have more problems -- with the IRS.
Shamed former congressman Anthony Weiner is facing fresh accusations about his conduct in office, with claims he made unusually large tax deductions.

Records show that Weiner took $40,521 in unspecified itemised deductions on an income of $156,117 income during the 2010 tax year.

Meanwhile, his finance reports list his home in Forest Hills as the address of his campaign committee even though officially the committee pays for office space in Manhattan, it has been reported.

Speaking about the former congressman's 2010 tax return, Manhattan CPA Jonathan Medows said it appeared to include more than would be expected for his mortgage and standard state and local tax writeoffs.

'It's definitely a very large deduction,' he told the New York Post.

When approached about the return, a spokesman for Weiner refused to offer any details.

The claims come amid suggestions that the former congressman's marriage is at an all time low following the highly publicised sexting scandal.

They might have escaped to the Hamptons this weekend, but getting their marriage back on track may be the last thing Anthony Weiner's wife actually wants, it has been revealed.

For Huma Abedin, who is around three months pregnant with the couple's first child, feels hopelessly trapped with cyber love rat Weiner, a source told the New York Post.

'He could be having sex live on TV for the whole world to watch and she'd still feel like she'd have to stay with him for now,' the source close to the couple said.

Ms Abedin's devout Muslim family and closest friends, who at first rallied around Weiner, are now said to be furious with the ex-Congressman, who resigned from office last Thursday.
Meanwhile, he still hasn't formally resigned. Typical weasel behavior.

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FrankG said...

he's hoping he'll be able to pull his resignation offer back once the heat is off. You watch