Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aww: WaPo Hack E.J. Dionne Feeling Nostalgic for Bush

Here's another lamestream media tool worried that virtually anyone on the stage at the GOP debate the other night will probably wax Obama next November. So it's time to start dispensing advice to the right. Let me tell you, these media liberals are so helpful.
The 2012 GOP presidential field on display Monday offered not one idea about how to solve the problems facing our country that didn’t boil down to cutting taxes, slashing regulation or eliminating large swaths of government.

The big winner of the debate was Rep. Michele Bachmann, partly because she went in with a strategy and executed it, partly because she had a stage presence honed by hundreds of television appearances and partly because she didn’t seem crazily extreme, as her many outrageous statements in the past would have led you to conclude.
Maybe if the boob from CNN asked some legitimate questions instead of the insipid "Coke or Pepsi" debate format we saw then a serious observer like Dionne may have felt more comforted. Amazing, though, how his pre-packaged opinions of Michelle Bachmann didn;t cloud his judgment. Now she's just extreme, not crazily extreme.
That’s why I felt nostalgia for Bush, especially the guy who was a candidate for president in 2000. Unlike this crowd of Republicans, Bush acknowledged that the federal government can ease injustices and get useful things done.
Um, what injustices have been resolves since Obama became president? Anyone? What useful things has Obama accomplished? Anyone know?

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