Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Media Concludes From Palin Emails: She Writes Like an Eighth Grader, But Better Than a CEO

I guess Sarah Palin should consider this a backhanded compliment considering it's coming from a media acting like first-graders chasing her around. How do these morons rationalize the blowback from 24,000 exploding cigars? Why, by making fun of her catch phrases.

Well, golly gee:
She may have attended four universities, but Sarah Palin still writes like an eighth-grader.

AOL Weird News gave two writing analytic companies samples of the former Alaska governor's recently released emails and both agree that the Tea Party favorite writes as if she's in middle school.

The 24,000 emails during Palin's time as Alaska governor are still being sifted through. But the documents are filled with her famous folksy phrases like "holy moly," "shindig" and "holy flippin' crap."
Then comes the media reality check:
It turns out Palin's writing skills are still better than most educated Americans. Global Language Monitor gave Palin's emails a score of 8.2, which actually exceeds that of most chief executives.
I'm confused. Is she a babbling middle-school idiot or superior in writing skills to CEOs? Why doesn't the headline read Palin More Effective Writer Than Most CEOs?
John Katzman, CEO of another company, 2tor, gave Palin a score of 8.5. He said the potential presidential candidate's emails scored higher than his own, when based on the widely-used Flesch-Kincaid readability test.
You suppose she's scoring better than the guy who can't string together two sentences without aid of his trusty TelePrompter?

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Tawny Jones said...

The lamestream media & loony-lefty bloggers are collapsing upon themselves. They have nothing left to throw at Sarah Palin except snark & slander, calumny & cavil, venom & vitriol, rumor & rubbish. Oh, wait...that's all they ever had.