Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crazed Man Resumes Preaching to Crickets

If Keith Olbermann takes to the airwaves on a station with test pattern ratings, does it make a sound? In case you didn't know, the deranged former MSNBC blowhard started a show Monday night on an obscure cable outlet and pretty much picked up where he left off: With a cast of washed-up lefties, kook fringe bloggers and rants about the usual suspects--Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, etc.

Keith Olbermann didn’t waste any time feeling out his adversaries last night as he resumed his “Countdown” show on its new Current TV home.

Five months after his abrupt departure from MSNBC, Olbermann front-loaded a clip of GOP Sen. John McCain criticizing fellow Republicans for what McCain called isolationist views on U.S. military aid to rebels fighting Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi.

When McCain wondered what Ronald Reagan would say, Olbermann cut off the clip and sharply declared Reagan would say “nothing. He’s dead, he was a lousy President and he helped keep Qaddafi in power.”

As Olbermann had promised, the new “Countdown” sounded a lot like the old one – sometimes bemused, sometimes cranky, sometimes outraged. His first guest list included old friends like filmmaker Michael Moore, who talked about Libya; former White House Counsel John Dean, who talked about potential financial conflicts of interest for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; and reporter/commentators Kenneth Vogel and David Schuster.
John Dean? When was he last relevant, about 35 years ago?
Some of Olbermann’s targets were equally familiar. He resurrected his “worst person in the world” feature, which he has said he hopes will have a humorous rather than nasty tone, and third place on the first night went to Sarah Palin. Olbermann noted she had trademarked her name for, among other things, educational and entertainment purposes, and said, “Sarah Palin, educational purpose? That patent is an idiot.”

He criticized conservative talk hosts Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Mark Levin for integrating advertisers into their commentary. The fact he pronounced Levin’s name “LEH-vin,” rather than “Le-VIN,” suggested he may not be a regular listener.
Imagine: Having an audience large enough that you're able to integrate advertising into your show. What a novel concept.

Olberdork also had on the diminutive psychopath Markos Moulitsas, last seen humiliating himself in the wake of the Anthony Weiner scandal.
He did, however, let contributor Markos Moulits from The Daily Kos rip into MSNBC and, in particular, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough. The show ran four minutes long, in fact, largely because Moulits got on such a roll charging that Scarborough was allowed to “dictate” guests even on other MSNBC programs.

Olbermann delivered no audible amens, smiling and letting Moulits fire the heavy artillery
The fact the reviewer misspelled the name Moulitsas suggests he may not be a regular reader. That's his good fortune.

If you haven't eaten already and need to purge, here's the opening segment:


Dean said...

Wouldn't it  be a better service just not to report on him.   Let him fade away into nothingness.   I think it strokes his ego too much that people are actually giving him any thought.

msspurlock said...

Olbermann who?
On the WHAT channel?
Oh, right.
Now I remember him.
He used to be a puffed-up little somebody.
And now he's a puffed-out little nobody.

Lance Smith said...

I thought Olbermann's show was one big integration for Summer's Eve?

Eli said...

Well.  I made it to a 1min and 15 seconds before I had enough.  How people can watch something like that...holy shit.

NeoKong said...

Awww...that's so cute.
It looks just like a real TV show and everything.