Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crazed Canuckleheads Tear Up Vancouver: 'It's Insane, It's Absolutely Insane'

These animals did the same thing when they lost to the New York Rangers back on June 14, 1994. Now the Vancouver Canucks again lost the Stanley Cup Finals in seven games and these out-of-control barbarians torch the town.
Parts of downtown Vancouver erupted in flames, explosive booms thundered through the air and looters smashed windows and ran amok inside department stores Wednesday after the city's Stanley Cup run ended in bitter defeat.

Weeks of well-behaved crowds watching the Vancouver Canucks march toward Game 7 of the NHL final ended abruptly in violence and vandalism that erupted even before the 4-0 loss to the Boston Bruins was officially over.

The riot shattered the wholesome legacy of the nightly parties hosted on the same streets during the 2010 Olympics — an experience that had the city's mayor and police chief confidently proclaiming Vancouver had ``matured'' since similar riots in 1994.
Some maturity.
For many, the ugly chaos made the Cup loss an afterthought.

``Tonight, what I've seen is a complete disgrace,'' said Beth Hope, 28, who is originally from England but has lived in Vancouver for the past two years.

``I'm a Canucks fan but my jersey's in my bag — I'm ashamed to be a fan right now.''

She said she saw a parkade on fire, cars ablaze.

``It's insane, it's absolutely insane. What's the point? Our team lost — why destroy your own city? I'm afraid.''
If only they could act as civilized as, say, the folks in Boston, where they celebrated victory, with only two arrests reported.

I eagerly await a lecture from our moral superiors to the north about how uncivilized and uncouth Americans are.

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Netwatcher said...

What kind of animal does this?  As a reformed drunk, with plenty of things to be ashamed of while at my lowest of lows, even in my drunkest stupor could never imagine participating in such a base activity.  What a bunch of asses.