Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quoting Lady Gaga, Obama Rolls Out Fresh Birther Jokes

What a deft comedic touch.
POTUS said he has had "tough calls to make" since becoming President, including the auto industry buyout, the process to "rebuild the middle class," and two ongoing wars. He then joked that he hoped people would have a little extra money in their pocket so they could perhaps "go to a play...because we're in New York."
Wait, what? Rebuild the middle class? Is he for real?
He then listed a series of his administration's accomplishments, including the passage of health care reform, the elimination of Osama Bin Laden, and his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan this month.
Let's see: Legislation due to be found unconstitutional, a no-brainer call on bin Laden, and a low-rated speech from last night. Now those are some accomplishments.
POTUS said his vision is for a "a big, compassionate America" and while he would cut the deficit, he would not turn his back on so many Americans. He said "it is up to each of us to perfect this union" and that the country needed to leave up to the words "we are all created equal."
Um, exactly how has he proposed to cut the deficit? Anyone? He's run up trillions in debt in record time and he's going to cut the deficit?
He said he grew up believing that discriminating against any people was "wrong" and quoted a Lady Gaga song lyric by saying he "had no choice - I was born that way," which drew laughs. He then added " Hawaii." POTUS said he believed gay couples deserve "the same legal rights as any other couple" which drew sustained applause.

POTUS was briefly interrupted by some in the audience who yelled "Marriage! Marriage!" to which he responded "I heard you' and joked that "he anticipated" that he would hear such comments. POTUS then said he believed the Defense of Marriage Act needed to be repealed and that Section 3 of DOMA was unconstitutional.

He then referred to the current debate of same-sex marriage in New York's capital of Albany and applauded the democratic process as "exactly what should be happening." A heckler yelled "Do you support it?" which POTUS did not acknowledge.
Of course he didn't acknowledge, because he has no character and no convictions. He can't even take a stand on an issue near and dear to the people he's standing in front of and whose money he's taking. And the joke is they sit there and laugh and applaud him, all the while knowing what a contemptible, shallow, pathetic empty suit he is. They're lavishing money upon him and he's spitting in their faces.

Then they clap and ask for more. It's humiliating.

He keeps saying he hears them, but really, does he?
The president was mid-sentence as several dinner attendees shouted, "gay marriage!"

President Obama replied, "I hear you."
He hears them. Whatever.

Meanwhile, he's brought the patented Obama jinx along with him, as the state senate still has no vote on gay marriage.

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