Friday, June 17, 2011

Great News: Obama Confident That Weiner Will "Bounce Back"

Even the President can't resist the double entendres.

Sounds like he's almost rooting for Weiner to make a comeback, doesn't it?

Just not until after 2012, of course.

Who really cares what happens to Weiner now? Are we supposed to feel sorry for this loathsome jerkwad? His retirement is secure, he already has at least one lucrative job offer on the table, and I even hear Olbermann is getting pretty desperate for help.

He'll survive - minus any shred of dignity he may have left at this point.

All I ask is that he never return to public office.


1 comment:

Reaganite Republican said...

Who's he kidding, Weiner will be on tour with the Howard Stern wack pack a year from now... if he's lucky