Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great News: Hag Lawyer Gloria Allred Weasels Her Way Into Weiner Story

Used to be the most dangerous place to be was between Chuck Schumer and a news camera. Well, Schumer has gone into virtual hiding since his acolyte Anthony Weiner was exposed, and now that distinction now belongs to media whore Gloria Allred.
Anthony Weiner waited too long to get out.

CNN is reporting that former porn star Ginger Lee has hired celebrity attorney Gloria Allred to deal with an email(s) she apparently received from Weiner.

According to the Breaking News Wire Twitter Allred has called a press conference for this afternoon in New York.

Allred has made a name for herself representing high profile cases including Amber Frey and Nicole Brown Simpson's family.

More recently she represented Rachel Uchitel during the Tiger Woods scandal. Nuff said.
With the ubiquitous Allred now on the scene this story now involves two of the most loathsome people in America. One almost feels sorry for Weiner now.


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