Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weiner Office Now Tourist Destination

Just imagine how excited Anthony Weiner would become seeing women lining up just to take a photo of his name. A real shame he's not around to enjoy the limelight.
America has seen enough of Anthony Weiner.

The first national Weinergate poll shows 60 percent of Americans want the lewd lawmaker to quit Congress.

And a paltry 8 percent have a favorable opinion of him in the wake of his cybersex scandal, while a staggering 70 percent have an unfavorable view, according to Democratic-affiliated firm Public Policy Polling.

Numbers aside, the circus-like atmosphere outside of Weiner's Washington office yesterday was a stark reminder of how far he's fallen.

The bronze plaque bearing his disgraced name on a public wall outside his suite of offices has become a perverse tourist destination.

Just yesterday alone, more than 100 sightseers snapped their souvenir photos in front of it.

At one point, a giggling blonde woman in high heels, who was visiting the Capitol with cancer-research advocates, had a friend take her portrait with the plaque in view.

They wouldn't give their names, saying they'd be "embarrassed" to be affiliated with Weiner in any way.

Students from New York City, sightseers from Alaska and congressional staffers from the Rayburn House office building also stopped by for a photo-op.

"I don't think the sign is going to be up much longer," said Zoe Littlepage, 45, of Houston, who laughed as she had her picture taken.
Meanwhile, Huma's back in the USA. Wherever their "reunion" is today it should be very interesting. Just imagine the pathetic mess she's got to confront.

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Reaganite Republican said...

Since he looks like Corp Klinger anyway, maybe he can get a job as spokesman for Tony Packo's lol