Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teacher Criminally Charged With 'Sexting' Student

They're both female, in case you're wondering. I guess texting sexually explicit material to students is against the law while if you're a Congressman sending direct messages to 17-year-olds, then that's OK.
A 40-year-old teacher in the Upper Dublin School District is under arrest, accused of having sexually explicit conversations and sending text messages to one of her female students.

Montgomery County prosecutors have charged Cheryl Bremble with child endangerment and related offenses for having an inappropriate relationship with one of her special education students at Upper Dublin High.

The child’s father notified police in late May that his daughter was spending more time with Bremble outside of school and that Bremble was buying the girl expensive clothing.

Police say the teacher also sent the girl sexually explicit text messages and encouraged the girl to use a sex toy she had given her.

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