Friday, June 24, 2011

Chavez Returns ... to Twitter

Venezuelan madman Hugo Chavez, or someone tweeting for him, has emerged after two weeks of silence.

Viva la revolucion or something.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, not seen in public for two weeks, ended his unusual silence with several Twitter messages on Friday, but said nothing about his health after an operation in Cuba.

The reemergence of the loquacious leader on the social networking site will do little to squash speculation that his prolonged absence means he may be seriously ill.

Marking a public holiday that celebrates a victory in a battle against Spanish colonial forces in 1821, Chavez congratulated the armed forces and saluted all Venezuelans.

"Today is my army's day and the sun rose brilliantly! A huge hug to my soldiers and to my beloved people," he wrote from his Twitter account, @chavezcandanga.

"From here, I am with you in the hard work every day. Toward victory always! We are winning! We will win!"
Uh, doubtful.


Danishova said...

Winning! Chavez and Charlie Sheen - two crazy peas in a pod.

Eli said...

Kinda sounding like he's either in really bad shape, or already dead.  Either one is just fine with me.

FrankG said...

did he tweet a pic of his diseased prostate?

Eli said...

Bingo called it.  In bad shape and critical condition.

southernsue said...

we are winning, winning what?

GOD will not be mocked! remember how arafat and sharon were exited from the world scene? quit messing with GOD's world and especially Israel,GOD's chosen country.

if chavez is dead, i would shudder to think where is soul is right now!