Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obama Signals Extra Support for Fathers or Something

As Father's Day is now upon us, the first person I always look to for advice on how to be a better dad is Barack Obama, of course. It all revolves around government, naturally.
"We’ve boosted community and faith-based groups focused on fatherhood, partnered with businesses to offer opportunities for fathers to spend time with their kids at the bowling alley or ballpark," he said, "and worked with military chaplains to help deployed dads connect with their children."

Obama noted that he had grown up without his own father around, as well as some of the mistakes he's made with his own children.

"But between my own experiences growing up," he said, "and my ongoing efforts to be the best father I can be, I’ve learned a few things about what our children need most from their parents."
He then left for his 73rd golf outing as President.

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FrankG said...

"rule #1: on their birthdays, make sure to send a congratulatory text to your kids from the first tee. Later on you'll be distracted with your foot wedge and won't remember"