Friday, June 17, 2011

'He Didn't Rape Anybody. I Think They Should Have Left Him Alone'

Anyone get the feeling if Anthony Weiner did rape somebody then we'd have idiots defending him? Well, you know, look at how she was dressed! She deserved it!

Democrats ave really high standards, don't they?
At the Brooklyn senior center where Weiner made his resignation official, voters were skeptical that the congressman's misdeeds warranted losing his office.

"I think he was stupid, but I don't think he committed a crime. He should have apologized," said Florence Greenberg, 82, of Sheepshead Bay. "He didn't rape anybody. I think they should have left him alone."

Bertha Chichester, 79, of Brighton Beach, called the whole thing a pity.

"He didn't kill anybody. People have done worse. He would have been a good mayor," she said.
Yes, in the comments they're still babbling about David Vitter.

Oddly enough, Weiner didn't return to his "rehab" after he resigned in disgrace.

Was he ever in rehab?

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Rose said...

This is the Dim Party that didn't even look at the murder of Mary Jo Koepeckne, in case the results showed she didn't have a right to be buried with an appropriate Catholic Blessing in the Church cemetary.

But do they think they saved Toady Kennedy from roasting in hell, now?

They don't care. But they were "worried" about Mary Jo's funeral???  Oh, sure!