Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Illegal Immigrant Kids Stage Protest, Get Their Wish

So a bunch of immigrants congregated at the Georgia state capitol today, some of them were in this country illegally, to protest the recently passed immigration legislation, and some of them got their wish. They got arrested.

A lot of news organizations are no doubt going to pick up on this because of the age of those arrested, they were minors. Here is what they aren't going to tell you. Those folks went with the express intent to get arrested. You see they are being led down this little primrose path that somehow their actions are noble and equivalent to the civil rights protests of the 60's.
The six undocumented immigrants were arrested at the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Washington streets in downtown Atlanta after the rally at the Capitol, said Georgia State Patrol spokesman Gordy Wright. They were blocking the intersection by sitting in the roadway and refusing to disperse, he stated.

The three adults are being transferred to Fulton County Jail. They are Dulce Guerrero, an 18-year-old recent graduate from Pebblebrook High School and 18-year-old Jessica Vasquez, who will be attending Pebblebrook this fall. The other adult is Felipe Baeza, age 24, from New York.

The juveniles, two females and one male all age 16, are being released to their parents with copies of the charges for Juvenile Court proceedings.

I wish to call your attention to the high school mentioned because you see it is the same one my daughter attended and well you know how kids talk. In total there were 6 kids from Pebblebrook who attended, all illegals so I suspect that the juveniles whose names were withheld are from Pebblebrook. They started cooking up this little scheme a while back and emboldened by the success of a Kennesaw State student, who in wake of her arrest for driving without a license along with some other traffic violations and lying to the police was allowed to stay in the country by liberal judge and in fact is still a student at said university.

Pebblebrook H.S. fancies themselves as some sort of cutting edge illegal immigrant group. Just before school was out for the summer they staged a walk out by the students, what in my day would have been called senior skip day, to show their dissatisfaction with the passage of the illegal immigrant legislation. Once again they may feel good about themselves and they really are being led around by the nose by the illegal immigrant crowd but that little stunt was nothing more then kids looking forward to summer break and were bored.

They are betting that nothing will happen since the plan by illegal immigrant crowd is to make them martyrs, and right now I wouldn't bet against them no matter what the state wants to do. We already know that instructions have gone out from the federal immigration folks to go easy on those in this country illegally who are in school, and besides it is all about the children after all.

This will wind up being a pop test of not only states immigration laws but a good discovery phase of just how much support the states can expect to get from the federal government in enforcing their laws. It is time for ICE and DHS to decide just who they are sworn to protect and serve.

UPDATE: Remember when I said that it would probably be determined that the others who got arrested would be from Pebblebrook H.S.?
Nataly and her four other Pebblebrook classmates, Leeidy Solis and Rolando Zenteno, both 16, Dulce Guerrero and Jessica Vasquez, both 18, were training over the last couple of days for Tuesday’s protest with 24-year-old Felipe Baeza from New York.

They rehearsed their speeches about how they immigrated to the United States at very young ages with their families.

Deport 'em and then have ICE show up on the first day of school and clean out the rest of them that are using up my taxes to fund their vacation in America. Send them home.



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southernsue said...

now go get their parents or whoever brought them into the US and deport them.

rinse and repeat.

we need to take our country back, they need to go by our laws.

uncledan said...

Time to cut the Orwellian-speak 'undocumented' crap and call them what they are: ILLEGAL.

roux said...

Since certain states, California, New York, etc.... love illegal immigrants so much then we should just give them one way bus rides there.