Sunday, June 26, 2011

NYT Writer Smears Middle America: "Dance of the Low-Sloping Foreheads"

Nice attitude, eh?

This genius' name is David Carr, and he apparently writes a column for the New York Times. An unbiased one, no doubt.

Based on the slope of his forehead, I'm guessing he's from...Minnesota.

Via Breitbart.


Mike Florey said...

I beg to differ. David Carr types in the NY Times.

Zimri said...

This is actually dangerous.

I assume you've been checking out Drudge lately. There've been racial mob assaults against whites ongoing for some time now. While this has been going on, there have emerged recent studies that we are part Neanderthal (5% is the figure I see around the place; for what it's worth, I accept this).

Carr is saying that prole whites are subhuman cavemen. But he's just saying it for "laughs", right?

uncledan said...

Off with Carr's head.