Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hugo Chavez Admits He Has Cancerous Tumor

What a shame. On the upside, he's receiving medical care in the worker's paradise, so expect him to expire by the end of July.
President Hugo Chavez acknowledged Thursday night that he had a cancerous tumor.

He made the admission in a late-night speech, his first since falling ill 21 days ago.

Chavez was last in Venezuela on June 6 when he left for a three-country tour of Ecuador, Brazil and Cuba. On what was to be the last day of the trip, June 10, he fell ill during a meeting in Cuba and was operated on for a pelvic abscess.

He gave a radio address two days later, but hasn’t been back to his home country in three weeks.

The Venezuelan and Cuban governments this week released photographs and videos of a visibly slimmer Chavez chatting happily with Castro. The video showed him reading a current copy of the Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde, giving the production the feel of a proof-of-life video used in kidnappings.

His absence has underscored the personality-driven nature of his administration, which has failed to inform the populace about the president’s condition other than to assure that he’ll be back soon.
If we actually had a real president the opposition in Venezuela would be prepared to overthrow the Chavez dictatorship. Who knows if Obama is even aware what's going on down there.


OxyCon said...

I bet somehow one of those blue-eyed yanquis injected Sean Penn's buddy with cancer!
I wonder if it smells like sulfur.

Mike Florey said...

And the bartender asks Chavez "Where'd you get that tumor?" And the tumor says "It started out as a wart on my ass!"

John Scotus said...

When I first read the headline, I thought it said, "Hugo Chavez Admits He Is a Cancerous Tumor". My bad.

Zimri said...

That was my first thought, too: "tumour admits it has a cancerous Hugo Chavez".

rich b said...

And Sean Pennis was reportedly last seen weeping in front of the Venezuelan embassy in Havana. I'm sure Sean would be more than willing to donate an organ or something to keep his Butt Buddy (Hugo Chavez) alive and kicking.

The next thing you know Hollyweird will hold a fundraiser in honor of Chavez to raise money for his surgery. Oh yeah, it's been reported that Chavez will travel to the USA for that life saving operation he desperately needs to stay alive.

I would have thought that Cuba, with its great health care system, would be performing the surgery. Oh well, that's what Michael Moore would have us believe. Here's hoping the tumor is malignant and the people of Venezuela will get lucky with the long, slow, painful, horrible, terrible death of Chavez. Now there's something we can all pray for.