Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weiner Cross-Dressing Photos Revealed: 'He Was a Very Odd Guy'

Now if you can bear viewing the image of Anthony Weiner wearing tights and a bra, you'll note it's a very old photo, so for all we know his dressing up was a gag. Revolting, yes, but likely a gag.

It better be.
Beleaguered congressman Anthony Weiner is set to face his humiliated wife Huma Abedin after she arrived at the family home in Washington home earlier today.

Democrat leaders hope the pregnant Mrs Abedin will force her scandal ridden husband to resign - something he has resisted despite calls to quit from his party and President Obama.

Her arrival comes as a fresh set of images emerged demonstrating the shamed congressman's early appetite for exhibitionism as a cross-dressing teenager.

Mrs Abedin, returning from a trip to Africa with her boss Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has remained silent since the whole Weinergate sexting affair broke two weeks ago.

The National Enquirer pictures show Weiner protectively posing in a pair of pantihose and a bra as he smiles cheekily at the camera.
Let's just hope alcohol was involved. Otherwise I'm really wondering what the hell went on with this guy in college.
In another photo an oiled Weiner poses in y-fronted swimming trunks in front of a Christmas tree.

The pictures, taken by a college friend in 1982 when he was 18, demonstrate Weiner's reputation at the State University of Plattsburgh as a flamboyant figure.

Speaking to the Enquirer, the friend said: 'The cross dressing photos were taken during a holiday activity in Anthony's college dorm when he was just a sophomore.

They were taken during the school's traditional secret Santa event.

'It was never quite clear whether one of Anthony's challenges was to become a cross-dresser or if it was just some bizarre stunt he decided to do on his own.

'The secret Santa was a three night event, and on another evening, Anthony showed up wearing skin tight swim briefs.

'He was a very odd guy who went out of his way to do things purely for the shock value.'
I can't locate anything on the Enquirer website so the photos are likely just in their current print issue.

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Bob said...


Oh, I'm a Congressman and I'm okay
I sleep all night and he work all day.

I vote on bills, I wear high heels,
Suspendies and a bra.
I wish I'd been a girly
Just like my dear mama!