Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finally: Schumer Resumes Sunday Press Conferences After Weiner-Induced Hiatus

The one silver lining of the sordid Anthony Weiner scandal was it pretty much drove his mentor Chuckie Schumer into hiding, too ashamed to show his face. Well, those precious days are history and the camera-loving New York Senator has picked up where he left off a few Sundays ago.
Discount buses' safety ratings should be easy to understand - and right out there for customers to see at ticket booths and in bus windows, Sen. Chuck Schumer said Sunday.

He called on the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to assess bus companies' safety records with a system of letter grades - like the one that gauges hygiene at city restaurants.

"This is a classic American way to get better bus safety," said Schumer (D-N.Y.), who predicted that bus companies with low grades would strive to improve their safety records to compete with "A"-grade bus lines.

"Why can't we separate the so-called wheat from the chaff?" Schumer said outside the Fung Wah Bus ticket booth on Canal St. in Chinatown.
Oh, so now it's so-called wheat, eh, Chuckie?

Thanks now to the ubiquitous presence of America's gadfly, people taking discount bus rides will breathe a little easier. A grateful nation thanks you, Chuckie.

Schumer also today accused the GOP of not wanting the economy to grow, because they obviously are thrilled to be mired in the dreadful Obama economy. Yes, Chuck, we want more people out of work. That's always helpful.

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1389 said...

In order for Chuckie Schumer to be elected, his constituents must have arrived at the polls on the short bus.