Monday, June 20, 2011

Change Communists Can Believe In: Obama Gets Coveted Kremlin Endorsement

They know a pushover when they see one.
When Hillary Clinton famously called for a “reset” of Washington’s relations with Moscow back in March 2009, she should have used the more accurate term, “surrender”. From caving in to Russian demands to scrap plans for Third Site missile defences in eastern and central Europe to signing on to the New START Treaty, US policy towards Russia under the Obama administration has been one wretched give away after another, even stretching as far as handing over sensitive information on Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

Is it any wonder that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is now openly calling for Barack Obama’s re-election? In an extraordinary interview with The Financial Times, the Russian leader gives a glowing account of his US counterpart, in a direct intervention in US domestic politics 16 months ahead of the November 2012 presidential election.
Obama may just want to get Medvedev out on the campaign trail with him. Can it get any more fawning that this?
… I believe I have been lucky in this respect at least, because my counterpart has been a modern man wanting change not only for America, but for the whole world order as well. You have kept on asking me about my presidency and whether I will stand for president again, or whether somebody else will come to office. Let me tell you that no one wishes the re-election of Barack Obama as US president as I do

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southernsue said...

he and his evil ilk have to go, period.

i will never trust a democrat again, i don't care what color!