Thursday, June 16, 2011

Farewell to the Angry Face of the Democratic Party

In case anyone was feeling sorry for the mendacious Anthony Weiner, here's a little refresher for you.

Oh how we wish Megyn Kelly was around the past few weeks. Recall the bully Weiner melting down here:

Weiner's been an arrogant punk his entire career. Shed no tears for this putrid little man. Never forget he made it a common practice to use his office to bully and intimidate his political opponents (hey, Anthony, how's that Goldline investigation coming along?). Never forget he's been willing to do anything for political gain for decades, truth and honor be damned.

Sheds no tears and deliver the appropriate scorn to Weiner's media and blogosphere enablers. Too numerous to mention, but you know the usual suspects from the angry left. If they had any character and sense of shame they'd be apologizing to those they've smeared and those they tried to frame at the outset of Weinergate. Their "credibility," for what is was, is forever ruined. They should be held in contempt and forever shunned. Instead, the lamestream media will still rely on these discredited miscreants as "sources" of news.

Weiner this afternoon will probably show little remorse, slink back off to wherever his rehab supposedly is, and these same cretins of the left who've enabled him will cheer his return and try to resuscitate his public persona. What other choice have they got? He's one of them. They own him.

Weiner will probably law low for a year or so, as much as that'll pain him. His lust for attention is just too much, but maybe his "rehab" stint will address his self-control issues. Then he'll be back when MSNBC hires him as a special political consultant for the 2012 election cycle. Before long he'll have his own permanent gig there.

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DANEgerus said...

'The' Angry Face?  Reid(D)?  Pelosi(D)?  Wasserman-Schultz(D)?  Are there any happy (D)emoholes?