Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NY Post Headline of the Day

The New York Post has had a glorious month of June, most notably with their memorable headlines during the Anthony Weiner scandal. Well, now that Weiner's gone (for now at least), they haven't lost the golden touch. Witness today's gem leading to the story about a Fairleigh Dickinson professor involved in an prostitution ring. Short, sweet and to the point.

We love it.
This physics professor was a little too interested in human anatomy.

A college teacher from the Upper West Side known as a nerdy scientist and doting grandfather had a shocking second life -- running a New Mexico-based prostitution ring that sold high-priced hookers to randy rednecks, police said yesterday.

David Flory, 68, of Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey -- a specialist in quantum theory and its relation to astronomy -- will need more than an advanced degree to beat the 40 felony counts of promoting prostitution that landed him in an Albuquerque jail cell on $100,000 bail.

"I'm floored. This would be the last person on earth I'd expect to hear this about. This isn't the same David Flory I knew," said Alexia White, a city teacher who once sublet part of Flory's apartment.

"I'm completely shocked. It would be like my own mother doing this."

Flory's high-security "Southwest Companions" had an impressive client list of about 1,400 johns, whom he hooked up with a stable of 200 cybersluts. They included Phoenix hooker Andrea Moorehead, who offered a $1,400 date that promises "two hours out/two hours in," police said.

The pervy professor, who reportedly told cops it was merely a "hobby," conducted all his risky business out of a luxurious adobe vacation home in Santa Fe called Casa de Los Arboles, or "House of the Trees" -- and right under the nose of his psychotherapist wife, Sharon.

In Manhattan, the couple lives in the posh Belnord Building on West 86th Street, where they count Matt Damon among their neighbors.

"Everyone's talking about this, no one can believe it," said one resident. "He comes out in a big cowboy hat and wears a Western medallion on his belt. He thinks he's a cowboy but he's nerdy, really nerdy."
Always keep an eye on those nerdy types. I tell you, they're always up to something.

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can the US be morally saved? it seems the preocupation with sex is very prevalent these days or is it that the internet is exposing all.