Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flashback: Weiner Speaks Out on Cross-Dressing in the Workplace

This is from 2007, but seems rather relevant given today's news.

H/T Noel.

ENDA still hasn't passed. Here's an ironic note from a couple of months ago.
I'd suggest some new blood in the leadership, preferably someone who views trans-inclusion as a moral imperative, not a burden. Maybe Anthony Weiner?


Reaganite Republican said...

Hey, sugar... take a walk on the wild side lol

fiatlux said...

What a strange tale...and it is getting weider

We have Ms. Allred and a pornstar holding press confrences that appears to be a first step towrds extorting poor Mr. Weiner, a sitting Congressman. I consider the information released Allred to be similar to what you see a good divorce lawyer do right before the post nuptial agreement is tidied up.

The, we have a Secretary of State cancelling a foregn policy trip to Africa to fly home with an underling. The SOS sees more of her aide than her hubby, Bubba while the nobody underling appears to have no close ties to her cross dressing pervert of a husband.

What does Weiner want from the SOS to keep that huge mouth shut? It will help with his bills to Allred and the pornstar.

Why don't novelists come up with stories like this?

rich b said...

You gotta love those zany dems. Just when you think they can't get any sleazier they go and play dress up. I wonder if Bawney Fwank got in on this. Aren't they a wonderful example of leadership and the direction they would like to take our country in. I'm getting to hate the entire fucking organization.