Saturday, February 12, 2011

SHOCKER: Butt-Ehancement Administered By Transgendered "Black Madam" Ends Badly

I'm still trying to figure out how Krazy Glue fits into all this.

On second thought, I don't really want to know.
PHILADELPHIA - Police took away boxes of evidence from a Montgomery County apartment at the center of the probe of a British woman's death from a botched butt-implant procedure.

A search warrant executed Thursday in the Philadelphia butt implant case showed that police were looking for krazy glue in addition to silicone in the death of a British woman.

The warrant was for the residence of Padge Victoria Windslowe, who has not been charged in the case. But it details what police are looking for, and how they believe Claudia Aderotimi died.

Windslowe is a transgendered man who now lives as a woman and also goes by the name "Black Madam." She calls herself a Philadelphia native and aspiring diva, and she has a YouTube channel that touts butt-implant procedures.

Police would like to talk with her.
Yeah, right - they want to "talk with her." That must be police lingo for "arrest the quack for manslaughter."

Oh, and look - the freak also does hip augmentations on the down-low.
Aderotimi and one of her friends had previously traveled to Philadelphia last November to have their buttocks’ enhanced.

They had returned so Aderotimi could have a second buttocks enhancement, while the other woman had her hips augmented.

Police are also asking anyone who has had one of these clandestine cosmetic procedures and experienced complications to come forward. They're trying to get their arms around what the procedures involve while they await those toxicology test results, Fox 29 reported.

'Black Madam' At Center Of Implant Case:

The moral of the story for all the aspiring fat-bottomed girls out there:

Doritos and Mountain Dew also achieve the desired result, sans the dying.



Toejam said...

Maybe, just maybe, the "BLACK MADAM" is one of Darwin's messengers!

Toejam said...

NOTE: Jawa Report (blogsite) has been axed!

srdem65 said...

It seems that the butt-enhancement is really for men; most women want to UN-enhance the butt. 

FrankG said...

they're back up

southernsue said...

what a sewer philadelphia must be, first the murdering obortin doctor and now the murdering booty injecting woman.

who knew?

Eli said...

Super-glue?  Probably to close the wounds, it's been(medical super-glue which is sterile), has been used in surgery for surface wounds for the last 20 years or so.

FrankG said...

wonder if M'chelle Obama is another dissatisfied customer?