Thursday, June 02, 2011

'As Her Mother, I'm Really Upset'

This woman must really be enjoying the spotlight she now finds herself under. Another victim of the Crotch Shot Heard 'Round the World.
The furious mom of the Seattle college coed at the center of Weinergate yesterday demanded that the cocky congressman come clean about the lewd photo.

"I'm really upset. I feel like he's a person of power and influence, who can make a statement and make all this go away," Carol Mizuguchi said, blasting Rep. Anthony Weiner for his continued snarky sidestepping.

"As her mother, I'm really upset," Mizuguchi told The Post. "I'm pissed off at that."

Mizuguchi's 21-year-old daughter, Gennette Cordova, got the surprise package -- a close-up of an underwear-clad crotch -- over the weekend in a tweet from Weiner's account.

After days of dodging, Weiner yesterday admitted he "can't say with certitude" that the photo isn't of him.

But he continued to deny he sent the picture.
Let's face it. Everyone on the planet knows what happened here. It's just Weiner and his desperate left-wing blogosphere fanboys don't want to admit it. Anything that in their minds that would ostensibly give the right a "victory" just cannot happen, and they'll be happy to sacrifice every last shred of credibility to have their way. Their most recent fabrication involved some absurd Yfrog theory that was quickly debunked.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, sane Democrats are starting to call for Weiner to fess up if he wants to salvage his career.
Former Mayor Ed Koch said Rep. Anthony Weiner is in a pickle over Weinergate -- and the young mayor wannabe must come clean to save his career.

"It's not too late to prevent damage by turning [the Twitter case] over to the Capitol police and let them find the hacker," Koch said yesterday.

But Koch, on his NY1 show Tuesday night, went even further.

"You do commit a crime if you give false information to the police and report a crime when a crime didn't take place," he said while discussing possible reasons why the embattled congressman hasn't filed a police report about the alleged hacking.

"I think he's in trouble . . . I think he has a problem," the former mayor added, because of the media firestorm and Weiner's refusal to immediately answer all questions.

Koch's statements are a clear warning that Weiner's long-sought dream of becoming New York's next mayor may be going up in smoke.

And the longer he waits before admitting the lewd photo that was sent from his Twitter account to a co-ed in Washington state was actually his, the more he endangers his chances in what will be a rough-and-tumble Democratic mayoral primary in 2013, political analysts said.

"He's got to come clean," said one veteran consultant who has advised mayoral and gubernatorial candidates.

"As they say, the cover-up is worse than the crime. If it is him [in the lewd photo], playing these crazy games is not going to help him. Voters are going to take a second look at Anthony Weiner and what they see is not going to be pretty."
Weiner has until Friday afternoon to get this resolved. His options at this point are to admit colossal stupidity, say he's going away for sexting rehab, declare it a private matter and run for cover, hoping enough gullible people and the Democrat leadership can move forward with him obviously damaged goods.

That, or he continues down this path of certain doom. If this story keeps moving through this weekend, he'll be forced from office in disgrace. It's one thing if there's plausible denial, but Weiner's current cover stories are just laughable. It's one thing to be a slick liar like Bill Clinton, but as John Podhoretz observes, Weiner sure isn't that. Even the liberal columnists in New York aren't swallowing his tripe.


OxyCon said...

<p>Ready for a very plausible theory that I haven't seen mentioned yet? Here goes.
</p><p>Weiner was hacked and he's mostly telling the truth, but he's scared to death of the FBI sniffing around his computer and internet browsing history because theres some files on his computer and some internet websites he's been to that would either cause embarresment or maybe even could be criminal.
</p><p>That would explain his behavior and actions.

doriangrey said...

<blockquote>and they'll be happy to sacrifice every last shred of credibility to have their way</blockquote>

ROTFLMAO... This presumes that they have any credibility to loose...

Bill said...

Considering no one would have to look at his computer, that's not an issue.  It would take 10 minutes to request IP logs from Twitter and Yfrog for those specific accounts.

They would run those IP's and see where they originate.  There is no need (or reason) to ever got to Weiner's house or look at his computer.

Bottom line is the man knows it's his junk, he knows he sent it and he doesn't want to fess up to being profoundly stupid.

Michael Ryan said...

What an awesome headline this makes! "Koch defends Weiner".  These jokes just never get old.

SukieTawdry said...

Gee, I realized after my first look at Anthony Weiner that what I saw wasn't pretty.

Willis Forster said...

Is he in a pickle or is that apickle in his shorts?