Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crestfallen Kos Kid: Weiner Can't Resign Because He Spoke Truth to Power or Something

Taste the delicious tears.
Yes, I know DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi both called for Anthony Weiner's resignation today. Democratic leaders have once again caved to the poutrage on the right by calling for his resignation. Did Anthony Weiner do something inappropriate and distasteful? Sure. Did he do anything illegal? It appears not. Are there plenty of other politicians who have done the same thing and remain in office? You bet your life there are. Should he resign from Congress? Hell No!
Poutrage? Who on the right is pouting over Weiner? We haven't had this much fun in years.

Then we get David Vitter, the rote response from fringe precincts and message boards. They just can't get over David Vitter, reelected in a landslide last year. Give it up, kids.
Right now, serving in the United States Senate is David Vitter. He became infamous when he appeared in the D.C. Madam's black book. Despite this, he was re-elected to the United States Senate last year after initially presenting himself as a typical 'family values conservative.' So while David Vitter gets to stay in the United States Senate, while no one seriously called for his resignation, people are now piling on to call for Anthony Weiner's resignation. Why? Because there are a few pictures? Please, spare us the poutrage.
Oof. Again with the poutrage.

Then we get to the heart of why the angry left is bitterly clinging to their Weiner.
Weiner has consistently spoken truth to power. During the health care debate he was out front calling for single-payer and the public option. Recently he's been the one out front calling for an investigation into Clarence Thomas' non-disclosure of his wife's work for political advocacy organizations. You name a liberal issue, and Anthony Weiner is out front advocating for it. Before this whole mess started, I was hoping that when they redrew the lines in New York I would be drawn into his district. Right now, I'm about a half-mile outside it.
Poor thing, left in a no-man's land. Does he move into Weiner's district now? Wait for redistricting? Hope rehab works? My goodness, the dilemmas facing the Koolaid drinkers.


uncledan said...

Poor Leftists. Weiner makes a move, they defend it. Then they're forced to retreat. Wash, rinse, repeat. FOR FIFTEEN DAYS NOW!
I can't believe the Democrats are letting this happen to them!

Richard Butler said...

Rehab is gonna be a bitch for Weener. Can you imagine the DT problems he's going to have. Every time he sees a good looking woman (or a nice young sixteen-year old) he's going to get the shakes and have to stop for a meeting somewhere and have a hot cup of java.

Man oh man it's gonna be a bitch getting past that first six months. I hope he's stocked up on Saltpeter so he won't be sexting those nasty-ass pictures of his johnson anymore. Ain't life tough when you're hooked on something? You bet!


RM said...

Rehab is gonna be a bitch for Wiener?  The one I feel sorry for are the counselors.  I'd get ulcers dealing with a jackoff like him.  Imagine the encounter groups!

Michael Ryan said...

I like the idea of NYC electing him mayor. It would bring closure to 9/11. No longer would I need feel sorry for them, as they are clearly beyond sympathy.

Kevin said...

I'm trying to find those pics of Vitter and his junk. I can't seem to locate them. I know they're out there because the left says he did the same thing as Weiner. That's all I hear. Vitter, Vitter, Vitter.

I also can't seem to find the Facebook transcripts of Vitter wanting to "gag" woman with his "bulge." And telling 17 y/o girls that he's "large" and wants to wear a "cape and tights."

Where is all this Vitter stuff?