Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Ride in the Weinermobile

How many miles you get on that gas guzzler, Tony? Enjoy this photo via the New York Daily News as the poor, beleaguered national punch line flees his Washington home. I figured Weiner would practice Democrat gospel by driving a hybrid or an electric car.

But no. Weiner rolls in a 4x4.

Oh, and the Daily News Washington Bureau Chief throws him a beatdown.
Weiner compounded his predicament by calling a cable TV producer a jackass, reeling off a string of ill-advised, double-entendre wiener jokes and essentially reducing what he calls a "prank" to New York slapshtick.

The ever-loquacious Weiner has now opted for radio silence, clearly hoping this goes away in short order. Barring new disclosures, that's probably a reasonable bet.

There's always another juicier scandal or gaffe for reporters to chase.

He got some help Friday, for example, from disgraced ex-Sen. John Edwards, whose indictment helped push Weinermania to the periphery.

But the damage is done. Weiner - a spirited and eloquent spokesman for Democratic priorities - has been discredited for now. You can bet House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic mandarins aren't anxious to include him in their next photo op.

Even his allies in the congressional delegation are suddenly looking at their shoes, just like they did with Charlie Rangel before his censure.

For the moment, Weiner's a punch line, an object of largely self-induced ridicule. And that presumes he's being evasive but truthful.

If not, he's political toast.
Also worth reading, especially the part about the loathsome Kos.


uncledan said...

This story should not be allowed to die. Why? Because if it were Weiner pointing the finger at a Republican, he'd never EVER let it die.

daveinboca said...

Tom DeFrank is really good on NY state politics and used to be in Albany, if I recall.   He was highly regarded there for analyzing a state almost as effed up as California.   I wonder if this POS Weiner is going to get heckled in Congress where he is already the rudest, nastiest, most mean-spirited boy bitch on the Hill.

I wish the GOP had ONE colorful Congressman---other than Bachmann.

mwalimu_d said...

Are you kidding? By Democrat standards Weiner's actions are pretty weak and unimaginative. The Democrat Party is hip-deep in murderous, unstable sociopaths, and Weiner Tweeting his junk to a star-struck college coed ain't enough to make him stand out to the genocidal maniacs who make up the base of the party.

Now if he had raped someone (like Clinton did) and then killed them (like Kennedy did), he would be a shoo-in for the Presidency.

Clancy said...

Actually - It's a Nissan.  A rather rare 2-door pathfinder (~1990's vintage).  Definitely not assembled by the UAW eiather...

Jim said...

> "There's always another juicier scandal or gaffe for reporters to chase."

I remember another rodent-like democrat congressman whose stupidity put him on the front pages of American media: Gary Condit.

His murine features only stopped appearing on every front page when the Twin Towers collapsed in 2001.