Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sad: In Wake of Weiner Implosion, Alec Baldwin Considers a Run for NYC Mayor

Sure, let's drop a guy caught with his pants down for a guy who abuses and humiliates his daughter and who suggested the proper reaction to Bill Clinton's impeachment would be stoning Henry Hyde.

Really, can't the Democrats do any better than this?
Alec Baldwin is mulling a run for mayor of New York City now that kinky Congressman Anthony Weiner appears to have sexted himself out of the 2013 race.

The “30 Rock” star, who has long talked about running for political office, believes Weinergate has shaken up the field of candidates enough that he might have a chance to win, a friend of the actor told The Daily.

“Alec said, ‘Hey, maybe this changes the race. The dynamics have shifted,’ ” said Baldwin’s pal.

“The Democrats need a high-profile candidate, and Alec can fill that bill.”
So let's put a man with zero political experience in the job. Oh wait, New Yorkers did that in 2001, and they're still stuck with him.

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bandit said...

David dinkins is starting to look good now.