Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Weiner Finds Friends At MSNBC

Cheer up Mr Weiner, apparently you have some friends at MSNBC. I don't know if he has officially made friends with these folks on Facebook, something I would be afraid to do since the congressman has a habit of sending sexually suggestive photos to people that according to him he barely knows. I would hate to be checking my Facebook page at work only to have a photo of this creep open up about the time the boss is looking over my shoulder.

I can't even imagine the level of effort the reporters had to engage in to find some folks from his district who support him, but sadomasochists do exist. For me the whole affair has now come down to one issue for me and it ain't about the photos. Weiner is a bold faced liar. How can I trust him to give me the straight information on any legislative matter when his modus operandi is to smear his opponents, distort the truth, and then say he is coming clean once all other options are gone?

Would you believe a single thing this guy had to say in regards to say healthcare reform, budget matters or the economy? If the people in his district are so unwilling to face the truth and instead prefer to live in their world of denial about this cretin who promises to respect you in the morning, when he doesn't even respect you now then they deserve him, but the rest of the country doesn't. He wants to be mayor, fine let him run for mayor, but get him the hell off the national stage and involved in anything which affects all Americans and not just his sycophantic followers.

And what is with Dems wanting to share their semi nude pics with women they barely know? Remember the clown in South Carolina who captured the Democrat nomination and then it was revealed he like to share his pictures with young ladies while sitting on a park bench? Hell at least Rep Lee's picture didn't go beyond what you can see at the beach, but Dems seem to be in love with their own crotches and want to share it with the rest of the world.


TC said...

Watching the Morning Joe crew desperately trying to avoid the Weiner story this morning was a beautiful thing to behold. It took them roughly a half hour to mention him, then shoved the topic aside in five minutes and went back to mocking Palin, who they had already been bagging on by playing some silly-ass Colbert clip.

RamblingMother said...

Sadly, it was the same with Clinton and "that woman" in the White House.  Clinton couldn't even honor the wedding vows he made to Hillary, you know the ones that make the two closer and more intimate than any other should be with him.  How can you trust someone who breaks the marriage vows to do the right thing with the country?  Weiner will get a pass because some how moral failure won't be translated into character failure.  He should be run out of DC on a rail.  The D behind his name some how will save him. Sad indictment on our nation's political picture.