Thursday, June 09, 2011

Weiner Rehab Step 1: Admit You're an Uncontrollable Jerk

Here's some advice for soon-to-be- former Congressthing Anthony Weiner, courtesy of Andrea Peyser, who brings a few final sledgehammer blows before he mans up and resigns.
Anthony Weiner is boning up quickly.

Hide the kids and pregnant women. Now that his wife, Huma Abedin, is in the family way, within a few cynical days, Weiner will hit rock bottom. Like many a man caught with his knickers down, he seems poised to try and salvage everything by admitting he's powerless against the monkey on his back, in his head, in his undershorts.

Anthony Weiner. Sex addict?

Weiner started the ball rolling on the road to rehab at his manically surreal press conference in Manhattan Monday. He apologized. He cried. He begged. He sounded like a man zipping down the list of Alcoholics Anonymous' 12 steps.

Now he's going to be a father. A father who must be forbidden from being alone with a minor.

Is there redemption? Step 1: Admit you're an uncontrollable jerk.

"I don't know what I was thinking," he said, when he enjoyed Facebook sex, Twitter sex, phone sex. He admitted he's sent raunchy photos, including the famous shot of his nimble manhood, for the last three years, to a half-dozen chippies. Some young enough to be his kids.

"I might be sick."

Shut the front door.

Weiner made this confession after someone suggested he suffered from the dime-store disease that's spawned voyeuristic TV shows and saved countless flaccid careers. Yesterday, he even zoomed to Step 9 -- apologizing by his well-worn phone to people he's wronged. Like Bill Clinton.

Is Weiner an addict? He never used the phrase. He did say that he might seek professional help for his "issues." Such as being a spoiled and greedy predator. He's got nothing to lose.

Declaring sex addiction is a sure-fire stop on the road to redemption, transforming a faithless scoundrel into the victim of a trendy disease.

The trouble is that sex addiction -- a medical diagnosis that's been used to earn forgiveness for gross and aberrant behavior by powerful men (Tiger Woods is its poster boy) -- may not really exist.

"It certainly is a compulsive lack of judgment and impulse control," ventured Dr. Puja Hall, who treats self-declared sex addicts in Manhattan.
It's not as if nobody noticed Weiner couldn't control himself. Witness this ugly episode from a few months ago, not to mention this televised temper tantrum last summer. But the Democrats and the left were more than happy to see this smug, sanctimonious, supercilious bomb-thrower verbally assault Republicans because, by golly, he was one of them, and he was shamelessly content to make an idiot out of himself because the boobs rooted him on, told him how cool he was. Heck, it even made him popular on Twitter and Facebook and oh, wait...

Now he's a liability, an anvil tied to the necks of of floundering Democrats desperate to get back to their usual demagoguery. Essentially two weeks have elapsed since Weiner hit send that fateful night and now he's an international joke, a massive political liability and headed quickly toward oblivion, if not that sex rehab center Woods went to.

It's too late now for many of Weiner's defenders. They own him, and even when he's gone, be it today, tomorrow or next week, they cannot divorce themselves from the fact they lied to protect him, they smeared anyone they could out of blind hatred. The liberal hate machine had their groove on for about 48 hours, and then it all fell apart.

They lost. Now they want the guy who's brought them so much humiliation to go away. It's not that simple. They need to go away with him.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News is (coyly) calling for his resignation.

What took so long?

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Richard Butler said...

Sex Addict my ass! I knew sooner or later someone was gonna pull that one out of the democrapic bag of tricks. Weenie is just an immature jerk who never got past the high school stage of his emotional and social level of maturation and developement.

I felt the same way about girls when I was fifteen. I wanted all of the good looking ones. But, as I hit my late teens I relaized women had more value than that and having and treating ONE decently was a much more desirable goal that trying to be a jerk like Weenie and having to hit on all of them. This fucker is still an emotional fifteen year old.

This is another wonderful example of the sickness known as PC that has weakened and is fast on the way to destroying America. It's time to call an asshole an asshole... which is exactley what Weiner is.

He isn't sick with a disease or suffering from some type of wound. He is an immature jerk and it needs to be said by ALL members of the house and senate. It's time for some honesty in the USA. We are thirsty and starving for it. And the most delecious irony is it couldn't happen to a bigger shit-stain than Anthony Wiener. He is a large peanut and corn encrusted TURD and the biggest POS in congress! Now it's time to say so.

BTW, I still won't capitalize the worlds congress, the house or senate and the presidency for obvious reasons. I STILL have no respect for many of these people.