Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Weiner Ushers in New Golden Age of Tabloid Headlines

Since the famous Crotch Shot Heard 'Round the World from Anthony Weiner late on May 27, the online social networks have exploded with every possible penis joke possible, especially on Twitter, where it all fatefully began. Still, many of us have always enjoyed the wondrously clever talents of New York Post headline writers over the years, with this likely being the most famous.

Now with the Weiner saga saturating the media, both locally and nationally, the folks at the NYP have stepped up their game and provided some real gems of late, with the headline to Tuesday's editorial already reaching legendary status:

Erections have Consequences

That. Is. Gold.

You think they're resting on that? Pfft.

They bring it strong again today. Some samples:

Disgusted Democrats letting Weiner shrivel

Weiner on Wife Support (the print edition substitutes Weiner with Perv Pol.)

Weiner Likely to Endure Rough Sex Probe

(The notion of rough sex and Nancy Pelosi leaves us shuddering.)

Then you get the not so subtle headlines such as Get the Hell out of Here!

Then we come to today's front page:

When what's left of your career has been reduced to tabloid headlines with images of porn queens, strippers, assorted other women and words like cover up, it's time to go.

Giving credit where due, the New York Daily News does give us this:

Sadly, the Old Grey Hag just can't compete with their witty superiors at the Post. The most lurid wording they can come up with is salacious, a word that immediately reminds us, ironically, of the man who performed Weiner's wedding ceremony: Bill Clinton.

Great company.
During a tense telephone call with Mr. Weiner, during which he apologized, Representative Nydia M. Velázquez of Brooklyn scolded him, as she recalled: “How can you explain that somebody can be so smart but so stupid?”

Asked if Mr. Weiner should resign, she replied, “The most important thing in this business is credibility.”
When Nydia Velázquez is questioning your intelligence (albeit in mangled English), it's over.

Even one of the vaunted all-stars from their opinion pages is stuck in 1999, also calling it salacious. How original.

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