Monday, June 06, 2011

Clueless Obama: 'Is Cleveland Still Rooting Against Miami?'

I guess he's too dense to realize some folks are still holding a grudge against LeBron James.
President Barack Obama had an overall optimistic message for Northeast Ohioans Monday as NewsChannel5’s Leon Bibb sat down with him for an interview in Washington.

The topics discussed included the auto industry, the economy, the future of NASA Glenn Research Center, Osama bin Laden death on the impact of American troop withdrawal and urban education. But before everything got officially started, the president – unsolicited – brought up the topic most Clevelanders have chosen to forget, LeBron James.

“Is Cleveland still rooting against Miami?” asked the president as Bibb was taking his seat (and before the cameras were rolling).

“Yeah, we're working on that,” replied Bibb, laughing and asking his thought on the series.

The president said he expects the Heat to take it.
Way to go out on a limb.

His stupidity was exposed before video rolled. Video's at the link. Typical nonsense about electric cars and having already created millions of jobs or something.

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