Tuesday, June 07, 2011

'He's a Pig'

Calling Anthony Weiner a pig seems to be the mildest reaction in the aftermath of his pathetic press conference yesterday where the once brash and belligerent New York Congressman was reduced to a blubbering mess. The forthcoming days may not be so pleasant for Weiner if some of his constituents are to be the judge, as he claims they will be.
"He's a pig," said Danielle Cione, 35, a teacher who succinctly summed up the feelings of many of Weiner's former supporters.

"Yuck!" said Rae Sankar, a Kew Gardens Democrat who has voted for Weiner in the past.

"It is so disgusting how he would say and do such things like that to women. It's so disrespectful and gross."
Given how derelict the media was last week, we wonder if these women even knew about Weiner's lewd string of double-entendres during a presser last week? We doubt it.
"He didn't come across as sincere at all. I just didn't buy it," said Gladys Staats, 76.

She's voted for Weiner before -- but said she never will again.
The men are also jumping ship.
"Those little girls are my daughter's age," said Sean Stephans, 41, who had voted for Weiner repeatedly.

"He took full advantage of his powers to another level, like he wouldn't get caught."
Andrea Peyser muses on the absence of Huma Abedin during Weiner's crybaby performance.
It was clear yesterday from her staunch refusal to play along with the sham that is her marriage that Huma, unlike her husband, is in no mood to lie about the state of her union.

Some women accept their husbands' quirky habits. Mine likes to watch football. Weiner gets his jollies sexting with women, including one to whom he wrote he had a "ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?"

But being publicly outed as a woman scorned, whether it be online, in the flesh or on the phone, is too much to take.

See ya, lover.
From John Podhoretz:
People tell me Weiner is a smart guy. But unless he unconsciously sought to get caught, which I doubt, what he has done over the past week should forever retire the notion that he is anything but a colossal boob of the highest order.

Let's be honest. Many elected officials the world over are colossal boobs. But here's the thing: Most colossal boobs in politics tend to comport themselves with a certain surprising modesty.

There's a reason you probably hadn't heard of Reps. Chris Lee and Mark Foley or Sens. Larry Craig and David Vitter before their careers were derailed by sex-related scandals that suggested a comparable degree of idiocy. You hadn't, because they kept a low profile.

Not Weiner. He is as allergic to a low profile as he is, evidently, to boxer shorts.

Being a colossal boob isn't a crime, of course. Nor is being a liar. Nor is being a 46-year-old man who sends suggestive photos to a woman 25 years younger than you -- a crime against elementary decency, of course, but not a violation of statute. (Assuming she was, in fact, the youngest . . .)

He says he's not resigning. We'll see about that, too.
Let's go and give the Post the Headline of the Day while we're at it.

Reaction from the Democrats isn't pretty.
"The only question is how soon he realizes he has to go," a prominent Democratic strategist said. "He's finished. He should have resigned."
Weiner claims he never used government resources to send his lurid photos.


Take a victory lap, Andrew Breitbart, as your pathetic enemies snivel like babies. Others, notably the low-rated cable networks talked over Breitbart. How weak is that?
Recognition still proved hard to come by for Mr. Breitbart on Monday. Fox News was the only cable channel to carry extended footage of his remarks at the Weiner press conference. CNN and MSNBC played the video but talked over Mr. Breitbart.
These people implied Breitbart was behind the "hack," yet when he comes to defend himself they talk over him.

One huge upside to this whole affair is the fact the most brazenly obnoxious punk in the Congress and his political mentor have been rendered near silent. Give thanks for small favors.
The National Republican Congressional Committee distributed a memo to reporters with a series of quotes from top Democrats in which they gave Mr. Weiner the benefit of the doubt when the scandal first erupted a week ago.

A spokesman for the committee, Paul Lindsay, said, “It’s time for Democratic leadership to explain why Congressman Weiner’s actions never aroused any suspicion, and why they rushed to his defense while so many Americans were shocked and confused by his bizarre and disturbing behavior.”

In the Senate, Republicans went after Mr. Weiner’s political mentor, Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, noting that Mr. Schumer had defended him in the early days of the controversy.

“Given Senator Schumer’s firm defense of Mr. Weiner, we look forward to hearing what the senator has to say now,” said Brian Walsh, a spokesman for the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. “Does Senator Schumer believe no ethics rules were broken?”

Mr. Schumer issued his own statement late Monday saying he was “deeply pained and saddened” by the day’s news.
Only issued a statement? What, no rush to the cameras, Chuckie?


daveinboca said...

I'm wondering how the NYT and Jill Abramson, who already apologized for non-coverage of several Demonrat scandals, will handle this particular pile of steaming crap.   Methinks she's a religious nut for the DNC platform and will skew the already badly-biased fishwrap into total agitprop for forgiveness.

This country has been hijacked by obscene paraphiliacs and Weiner is only one of a crowd of nasty Dems who are hiding their many crimes---the only press they have to worry about is Breitbart and his band of merry men [& women]!

Reaganite Republican said...

A pork Weiner who thinks he's an all-beef(cake) Oscar Mayer lol