Friday, June 10, 2011

'I Wouldn't Classify Him as Dangerous at All'

He may not be dangerous, but he's way out there.
Ned Nefer is a one-woman man - even if that woman is made entirely of wood.

Nefer, 38, says he's married to a mannequin named Teagan, and the kooky couple is traveling 70 miles from Syracuse to Watertown on foot, the Watertown Daily Times reported.

Or at least Nefer is walking. The Syracuse native is pushing his 6-foot wooden wife in a wheelchair across upstate New York.

"This is definitely one of the oddest things I've come across, but he seems very happy," said Lisa Spear, principal social welfare examiner for the Jefferson County Department of Social Services.

"I wouldn't classify him as dangerous at all," she told the newspaper after meeting with Nefer. "He seemed quite happy in his own little world."

Nefer's relationship is one that's built on trust - and lumber. He told the Daily Times that Teagan was only a head when they first met.

But he built her a wooden body and claims they were married on Oct. 31, 1986, in California. Nefer was taking the mannequin to Watertown's Children's Home, where he first laid eyes on her noggin.


Richard Butler said...

Kalifornia is loaded with dummies. In the Summer of 1980 I came out of a Fleetwood Mac / Christopher Cross concert one night at the Hollywood Bowl and some clown was pushing a store front mannequin down the street in a shopping cart as I searched for my car. He actually offered me the dummy but I refused. This is a true story I swear.

Los Angeles is loaded with dummies too. Check out our city council and board of supervisors sometime and you'll see what I mean.

Reaganite Republican said...

Out there where the busses don't run lol

Anonymous said...


Jack Miller said...

Woodie... Couldie ... Shouldie?

CA... The land of opportunity.

pat said...


David Mattheisen said...

Definitely a Democrat.  Perversion and mental instability are two of their greatest values...

David Mattheisen said...

Oh, definitely a Democrat.  Perversion and mental instability are two of their most precious values...

Karl Magnus said...

But what about the splinters?  ;)
I'm told that some strategically placed raw liver every few days maximizes the experience.
Most schizophrenics are completely harmless.


Terry_Jim said...

"...All I want is a girl somewhere,
Made of oak like a sturdy chair,
Wood head, wood arms, wood hair,
Oh wooden tit be loverly..."

Pgrossjr said...

Why not?  Where we are heading you will be able to "marry" anybody or thing you claim to love.