Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Won't Weiner Quit? He Needs the Money

This twerp has never had a job in the private sector and doesn't have a law degree. Since MSNBC is currently at full staff (like Weiner most of the time), that leaves him with nothing else to do but cling bitterly to his job. He obviously doesn't care that he's the biggest joke in America. It still carries a hefty paycheck.
Even if scandal-stained Rep. Anthony Weiner didn't want to stay in office, he needs to stay in office.

Unlike many of his peers in the House, Weiner doesn't have a business or even a law degree to fall back on.

Weiner, 46, took home $156,117 in 2010, according to his federal tax returns released by his staff.

His humiliated wife, Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hill Rodham Clinton, earned $154,000 in 2009, federal records show.

He owes between $10,000 and $15,000 on his American Express card, according to his most recent financial-disclosure forms.

If he steps down, he could grovel to cable TV execs for talking-head "analyst" gigs that hopefully pay more than the $825 he gets for appearing on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

But with Weiner's reputation in ruins, other lucrative jobs may be hard to get.
Meanwhile, the lamestream media, apparently caught up poring over years-old Sarah Palin emails, probably doesn't have the investigative skills to figure out why Weiner was carrying on with a child online. It's all a distraction or something.


Bob said...

Hard to condemn him for wanting to remain employed when his wife is pregnant. I'd say if it wasn't for that, then good riddance.

the wolf said...

Well, it's not the entire cause, but to get a clue about why we're four bazillion dollars in debt, a good place to start is a jackass like this making $156k/year.

Richard Butler said...

Let's see here...

Ted Kennedy in all likelyhood kills a woman by letting her drown - small fine and a slap on the wrist by the DMV in that state but no other problems.

Bahwney Fwank and or his boyfwiend runs a page whorehouse out of the house and no pwoblems...

John Murtha and abscam but no problems...

Nazi Pelousy uses the U.S. Military and its jets for her personal chauffer and valet service but ... no problems...

Cholly Rangel is censored by the house for his real estate scams and he just walks away with no problems..

Marxine Waters quietly arranges (she thought) for her Husband's bank to reap some Omama bucks from the "stimulus" money and we're still waiting for her to stand before the house leaders and answer for that crime. No problems. The whole thing has been put off again.

Anthony Weiner could have been talking and sexting a fifteen-year old for all he knew. Ever watch "To Catch A Predator" on TV? It happens all the time. But... once again - no problem.

I have a shit-list of democrapic scandals that would make the problems of the repubs pale in comparison and that includes Nixon and Watergate but the dems always seem to be able to just walk away without even being contrite or being penalized.

When, as the bosses of these lamer fucks and POS politicians, are "We The People" going to DEMAND some accountability? This has to stop NOW! And I am including any republicans who think they can get away with this kind of shit in my list too.